Thursday, March 13, 2008
3/13/2008 08:14:00 PM

A Providential Day

While I am at times hesitant to turn this into an easily accessible report of the usually unimpressive details of my life, I am equally often lacking in any content to write about other than this. Thus being the case, I would rather sacrifice some privacy than miss out on the chance to improve my composition abilities, even if just a little. Thus I shall report on this day, which of all days, was rather special.

In taking evangelism, I have never had the Great Commission thrust so prominently in my face on such a regular basis. Love him or not, Dr. Reid's passion for sharing the Gospel with the lost seems to in some way positively influence nearlly all of his students. This at least is true of me personally. God has used this class to bring much conviction on me regarding my lazy and frequently uncaring attitude towards witnessing and sharing Christ with others. I have had difficulty for several reasons in fulfilling the goal of not only this class, but of God Himself.

Now while it is not excuse, I have had some set-backs. For one thing, I really am not around lost people that much, at least, people who overtly seem to be lost. Most all of my good friends are professing believers who have some form of evidence that supports their claims. I work at a church and attend a Seminary full time. Also, I hardly study in public settings like coffee shops or bookstores. But in reallity, all of these set-backs are just a matter of my own indifference. Also, I have doubted how much God really wants to answer my prayers, specifically, prayers to be a witness and to have opportunities to share Christ with others. Today however, God would remind me just how faithful he is.

I had some extra time today due to the fact my professor was out of town and today was a test day. After finishing the test, I decided I would go out to Starbucks and spend some time studying there, hopefully happening upon a conversation with a lost person. When I sat down however, a fellow student of mine noticed me and we began to get into a deep conversation. This in itself would be an event to blog about, but that is not the present focus. My friend, however, was eager to witness and suggested we go to Kroger and just walk around, looking for people to minister to. It was stretching for me and would help me to get out of my comfort zone. Thus our adventure began. We talked to one woman who turned out to be a believer. She proceeded to tell us her powerful testimony of how the Lord healed her of colon cancer. It was a blessing for each of us. Then we approached a stocker next. He too was a believer. He mentioned however, he was merely an usher at his church. We encouraged him that all roles in the body were equally important in that they were bringing God glory; we could see this put a smile on his face as he realized this truth. As we were leaving, there was one customer service person at the front of the store who I felt I needed to at least ask if she had heard of Christ. I did so to which she responded affirmatively. Yet when I asked her what she thought about Jesus, she simply turned around and walked away. I was at first worried my approach may have been too bold or inconsiderate; yet at the same time I know I was meek in coming up to her. My brother with me reminded me that such responses are to be expected as many who are lost will naturally be offended even at the slightest mention of Christ. This concluded our quest in Kroger. We headed then back to our local chapter of what is perhaps the most popular java distributor in the world.

Back at the local shop that is always characterized by a distinct shade of forrest green usually paired with some shade of beige or grown, not to mention the characteristic white logo that features a woman holding both hands towards her head, we continued our conversation. One of the baristas, who was on break, approached us. My friend had talked to her before apparently. We began to share more of God's word with her. It was so refreshing to see how intently she listened to what we had to say. Her interest and openness to Christ was plain to be seen. So much did she enjoy our time together that she sent us a free drink of our choosing (For the record, mine was a vanilla bean frauppacino with extra vanilla). She also wrote a short note of thanks on each of our cups.

In concluding this account, I should probably reflect more and expound on the lessons I learned from this experience. Yet all I will say is how wonderful it is to share Christ with people. Even the one girl who completely avoided hearing anything deeper about Christ was still exposed to a small seed that could eventually sprout up into a great many provoking thoughts; these in turn may be used by God to draw her to Himself. Only He knows for sure however. Sometimes the rewards of sharing are more present, such as in the case of my newfound barista friend. Either way, May it always be my pleasure and joy, along with that of all the saints, to share the good news of Christ Jesus. Amen.


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