Sunday, January 06, 2008
1/06/2008 09:02:00 PM

Too Much Downtime On My Hands

The New Hampshire Debate last Saturday Night grabbed enough of my attention for me to find out about some of the Republican candidates and where they stand on certain issues. I caught a brief part of the Democratic side as well but not enough to really see what the candidates had to say for themselves concerning their positions on the issues at hand. While I feel I have made up my mind in terms of who I would like to see become our next President, some questions have come to my mind since the debate. Obviously, one that stands out above all the rest is "How can we be sure the particular candidate is answering the questions his (or her, should that dreadful scenario work out) actions will follow through on later on?" Also, is the media giivng just attention to each particular candidate? Finally, how much of these candidates records will predict how each one would perform as president? The fact is, most of the issues contain numerous factors and sub-factors, all of which I likely have only the slightest understanding of, much less the ramifications of the possible responses to them. Perhaps I just need to read about the issues more. But then again, regarding the media's voice, how can I be sure? I just hope and pray a godly man (really, I've only seen one that I feel I can be sure of in this year's election) takes office. Even if this is not the case though, may God bring the people in this nation (and in all nations for that matter) to repentance through His Son Jesus Christ. Amen.


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