Wednesday, December 26, 2007
12/26/2007 09:11:00 PM

The Unending Journey

Well, Christmas this year has certainly succeeded in bringing joy, fun, and lots of good stuff overall. As I rode back to Wake Forest tonight from Greensboro, I may have just received one of the best gifts ever. What is this gift, you may be wondering? Allow me to elaborate further.

I felt compelled to call an old friend (whose name will remain unmentioned) with whom I had not spoke for quite some time. We discussed general topics (i.e., how we were doing, new news in each of our lives, and our goals and aspirations), yet then moved somehow to more serious dialogue. Now with this particular friend, I had no reservations in talking to this person in a way that assumed the truth of my beliefs simply because I know this individual's background. This old friend of mine, now a skeptic of some extent, really posed some at times difficult questions, not all of which I was able to answer to a degree that brought this friend or myself satisfaction. I must state however that throughout the conversation, there was no true animosity or anger; I definitely care about this skeptic friend of mine and the feeling is mutual. Yet at the same time, this skeptic friend of mine knew that I do not approve of the skepticism that now characterizes this individual's beliefs.

In short, this conversation has made me realize my own deficiency in being able to answer the questions of skeptics in general, a people in particular I hope to see God transform and bring to discipleship through my ministry. I know for certain I still need to think of better ways to answer some of the nitty-gritty, close-ended questions of the skeptics I will face from all sides. After all, anyone who is not following Christ in accordance with His Gospel is at least to some extent skeptical of the Truth. While we may not be able to ever scientifically demonstrate God's existence, may the followers of Christ live in such a way that almost proclaims Christ without any verbal support, and may our verbal support be so well articulated that it leaves even the most doubtful skeptic skeptical about his or her own skepticism.


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