Tuesday, December 04, 2007
12/04/2007 08:56:00 PM


Here lately, I have not been as faithful as I would like in making my thoughts known to the world (those of which read this, at least). Nevertheless, due to my desire to consistently be exercising my grammatical and literary muscles, I feel I must contribute something, even if it not a brief yet profound reflection on a theological issue, current event, news item, or some other idea worth considering. Honestly, I feel like I do not have time to deeply ponder over things as much as I'd like to so many commitments with school and work. Unfortunately, one of the first things I find myself sliding to sides of my "activity shelf" in order to make room for those which seem most pressing are my times seeking the Lord through His word and prayer. This may in fact be what is causing me to feel the most strain on my time, considering this is the most vital and important aspect of how my time is spent. In the end, I get less done than I would had I taken the time to be reinvigorated in the Lord's presence. Ah, truly His word is wonderful beyond description...yet I wonder at times why I do not treasure it perpetually more and more. Actually, by God's grace I do find myself wanting it more and more...sometimes I feel the rate of this increase should be faster however.
Finals will come and go, and so will eventually the knowledge which was tested upon them. The knowledge of the Word however is what will remain forever.


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Grammatical Muscle building=blogging...nice

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