Monday, November 19, 2007
11/19/2007 03:18:00 PM

Things Are Never the Same, And You Can't Ever Experience Them In the Same Way

Words will probably fail me in my effort to accurately venerate the life of my grandmother. Mae Daniels Kennedy, my paternal grandmother passed away today, Monday November 19, 2007. While I am certainly saddened by her loss, and even more so that I will not get to see her again on this side of heaven, I am at the same time thankful that she no longer has to suffer through the battles she faced with Alzheimer's and dementia. Now she is completely healed through and through and at the same time more alive than she ever was on this earth.

Some of my earliest memories are closely related to my grandmother...Nanny, as we all affectionately called her on my dad's side of the family. I spent many times over at her house growing up. In fact, when my mom and dad had activities that I could not be a part of for whatever reason, Nanny was generally first in line to watch over me. There are countless times I can remember spending at her house, just enjoying a glass of whatever soft drink my taste buds fancied along with a well proportioned bowl of whatever flavor of ice cream happened to be in her freezer. She was also quite a master of cooking wonderful, fried, southern goodness. To this day I cannot recall a better bowl of scrambled eggs than those she would fix whenever I was so privileged as to be at her house for breakfast.

For a brief period of time, about a month to be exact, my mom, dad and I lived with her and my grandfather due to some moving issues. It was just like home except I got to see her and my grandfather everyday. At this point in time I had begun to develop political interests, and I had the joy of discussing issues with both her and my grandfather.

One aspect of our relationship that always stands in my mind is how proud she would be whenever she got to introduce me to one of her friends...and she had quite a great number indeed. Whether we were in the grocery store, department store, mall or elsewhere, she would always announce my identity to whomever she was speaking with (much to my embarrassment at the time, although I greatly appreciate it in retrospect).

Also I was subtly influenced by her in many ways regarding my faith in Christ. On many occasions, even as a young child, I can recall watching the likes of Charles Stanley and Billy Graham. She would often encourage me to watch the latter whenever he happened to be appearing on television.

There were many other times Nanny spent with me growing up. She was greatly concerned for us and our welfare. In fact, she would often, quite literally, call us every day...many times more than once. I love Nanny very much and wish that I could have her physically near to witness with me some of the milestones in my life which I have yet to come to, such as marriage and children of my own. Nevertheless, I am more grateful than I can express with words for the time that God allowed me to have her in my life and for orchestrating His plans in such a way that I was her grandson.


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