Tuesday, October 23, 2007
10/23/2007 09:27:00 PM

Above Reproach

So after a while of questioning, I've finally done it. It has taken me quite some time...building up a library of over 4300 songs (including numerous great hits, cult classics, and those songs that are just plain wierd)...debating the ethicalness of having the music, moving to this day.

This must be prefaced by me disclaiming all attempts to somehow denote this action as ascribing significance to me or the act itself, which at the very least it will have the appearance of such.

While at one time I tried to rationalize the act of obtaining music largely without any money necessarily leaving my bank account (well, pretty much always until this week), now I've realized there really is no way around it. So it all had to go....pretty much every Beatles album (except for the White Album, the only one I actually own), every Police album save Zenyatta Mondatta, every work by Led Zeppelin, a great collection of Michael Jackson, Journey...even all of the Hillsong I had in my library, not too mention most of the stuff I had by David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Shane and Shane, and so many others. Why? Well, theft is theft...not sharing music.

Music is something I enjoy, and I would consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur. In fact, I might even have been so bold to say that songs and albums were to me what books are to Dr. Danny Akin or Dr. Al Mohler (well, not quite).

I can't deny I miss it...being able to pull up from so much good stuff at a moments notice was quite satisfying in so many ways. At the same time though, this action certainly served a double purpose. While it was indeed to be rid of all that I had gathered by less than honorable means, it was also to make more room in my heart, soul, and mind for that which they ought to be filled with most--the Word. While I do not completely feel this way now, I know as time passes I will grow more thankful to the Lord for the strength He has given me this day to go through with it all. Amen.


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Akin and Mohlers hardcore

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