Tuesday, September 04, 2007
9/04/2007 08:49:00 PM

They Might Make a Movie About It One Day...

I do not go to Appalachian State nor do I know much about their football program other than the fact that they were two-time defending champions of what was formerly known as NCAA Division I-AA Football. Having this brief piece of knowledge in my mind, I found it rather interesting that they were going to take on the mighty Wolverines of Michigan today. Of course, like pretty much everyone else (except for those who until today, were the most delusional of App. State fans), thinking it would be a typical season opener-big team plays little team, big team wins by a blow-out. One analyst in the local Raleigh paper predicted a 42-7 point-spread in favor of Michigan. I'm pretty sure 99% of sports analysts across the country would have agreed with him. Nevertheless, the part of what I did know about App. State football was enough to pique my curiosity. I was almost floored with astonishment when I tuned into ESPN and found that they were in the lead. Immediately, out of no spite to Michigan I assure you, I hoped for the seemingly impossible. A real-life Rockyesque/Rudyesque story was unfolding right before my eyes, and I wanted to see it come to its most hope-filled and unexpected conclusion. Fortunately, for me, and likely for many who look back on this game, the real life underdog took home the win.

Now, I'm not one to write on a sports event just to put up my own version of what you could easily read in tomorrow's paper or on a sports website. Nor am I here to draw out some cookie-cutter, Zig Ziglar kind of story about the underdog winning. What then should be said?

I wonder how many of Michigan's fans, deep down inside, were actually pulling for App. State to win. I feel my query is reasonable here, because there is something inside us all that likes to see the underdog win, provided that underdog meets up to reasonable moral and ethical standards. There is something inside us all, especially those of us who are men, who long to have a moment like that, because there is no lack of moments in which we feel like the underdog.

Is there any need for believers to feel this way? I think sometimes we need to remember the reality of the cross, which won the ultimate achievement that made it possible for many "underdogs" to partake in the victory they could never win. That's something I pray we get more and more excited every time we think about it, and remember that more than when we see a movie 30 or so years from now about today's game.

Yes, I know the application is somewhat general; but may we all truly get excited and be talking about the greatest victory of all by Christ.


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