Tuesday, September 11, 2007
9/11/2007 08:26:00 PM

Six Years Later

This post is many parts hastened and shortened from what I originally wanted it to be. Why you may ask? Simply because I waited until 11:30PM(EST) to begin this post and I wanted it to go up by today. Thirty minutes for me simply is not enough time to reflect as deeply and edit as carefully my thoughts and words. With this disclaimer, I begin.

I, along with most Americans, can recall exactly where I was some six years ago. An expounding of my personal experiences on that day will not be made. But I take a moment as this is written (and will do so every time I read it once it has been published) to reflect back on those happenings as they unfolded in 2001. In some ways I must marvel at my own callousness and insensitivity when I consider that the most dastardly and despicable, not to mention worst act of terrorism ever committed on American soil took place within my lifetime. Yet I do not write mainly to put forth and encourage patriotic sentiments here, although this is certainly appropriate when looking at the events such as 9/11, which have shaped the face of our nation.

Today, I have not heard one mention of the significance of what took place six years ago. Now I suppose that this could be interpreted positively in some sense, i.e. that America has moved on from its loss. Yet the tone I tend to feel in these instances is one of forgetfulness. What is really interesting to me is how quickly so many Americans flocked to churches in the weeks that followed. Attendances were at record setting highs on those Sundays immediately following 9/11. How quickly America moved on not long after.

And so we stand six years later. Has our nation experienced truly lasting impacts which have made a positive moral contribution to our culture? For that matter, has there been any positive changes on climate and atmosphere of our nation in any specific respect (i.e., improvements in education, improvement in moral conditions, improvement in living conditions) that could truly be preceded and defined by the word significant? In my own humble reflection, I have yet to see any that did not exist before those tragic events. In fact, to me America seems just as smug and complacent as ever.

Now while my article here may connote some Theocratic undertones, please understand that is not in any way what I'm trying to propose. All I am trying to suggest here is that America has really not grown much stronger at large nor has its people in general truly moved toward Christ, or even stronger patriotism and love for the nation. What are the hot debates? Gas prices, homosexual rights, economical issues, and church and state, just to name a few. Of course these debates are important, but the deeper, foundational truths which affect all of these are so much more. Where is the church in all of this? I pray more and more she will be about the business of preaching the good news and living out the hope and love of Jesus, fulfilling His Word. Amen.


TheReformist said...

Interesting Observation, and I believe a true one.

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