Sunday, September 23, 2007
9/23/2007 05:33:00 PM

Learning to Focus

There are enough blogs on the internet which offer commentary, both insightful and repulsive, on the internet. Likewise is there no lacking of those whose sole purpose is to whine, rant, and otherwise complain about certain pastors, theologians, and issues in Christendom. Was it really necessary for me to say that in order to lead up to my next statement? Probably not. But in some way it helps to contrast what makes this blog unique from all the rest-observations, lessons learned, and other ideas from my personal experience.

The idea of reading with vehement consistency is one which I am still vexed by. Although it is not directly correlated with maturity, for me I feel it is a sign of growing up. Perhaps this goal has become entrenched in my mind as of late simply because of its common placement among men I respect and admire. Yet at the same time I find myself spending too much of my time, to the point which it becomes thrown away, on facebook and myspace. Then again, the more foundational issue is being focused and intentional in my actions. Focus and intentionality, when practiced long enough, will consequently result in efficiency.

Switching gears somewhat completely, sometimes I feel perhaps I am trying to hard to write with good English. Conciseness without trimming of the content is something I'm desperately needing; fortunately I'm learning it more and more.

With that short commentary on my own bloging, I return to the main concern. Putting all of the facts together and finding their points of relevancy is what ultimately constitutes thinking. If only I could recall more facts...but not simply in a reciting manner. Upon remembering them, the real task is putting them to acceptable and worthwhile use. It is at this point I find myself praying for understanding and wisdom.


traitor 313 said...

good post zach.
the fact that men like driscoll, mohler, stetzer and them read so many books seems to be an indication of the importance of knowledge... keep it up

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