Wednesday, July 26, 2006
7/26/2006 07:41:00 PM

A New Journey Begins... it goes. In recent events of my life, it has come upon my conscience with great conviction that I should resume the practice of regularly writing. While feeling led to write narratives and poetry even, I primarily have felt inspired to write for the sake of considering thoughts, ideas, current events, and other mental stimuli at a greater level than simply rearranging and throwing around thoughts in my head. So am I saying that my main purpose in writing this blog is to develop my thoughts and increase certain powers of reasoning? In one sense, the answer is yes. Certainly however, I hope not to simply entertain those of you who potentially read this merely throwing around the best wisdom and opinions I have to offer. Of course, in blogging, I suppose I have little desire to write about anything other than what opinions I can fathom and ideas I can dish out. In other words, I realize my opinions may not have a high price tag in the world's marketplace of ideas. However, as sociology would likely contend, my opinions matter simply because I'm a person; with this basic idea in place, I will feel free to share mine. May God have mercy and protect me from making this some sort of self-exaltation (which I understand, is probably hard to completely do while at the same time maintaining a blog). While this may be a slight oxymoron, maybe this can still be accomplished and provide a win-win situation for both me and those of you (if there are any of you out there) who read this. With that said, I can provide the details of my experience leading up to this.
In the not so distant past, I have seen the value of writers putting their thoughts, ideas, and opinions down on papers. Surely this leads at least in some small respects to their thoughts and philosophies being developed. As one who aspires to one day write books myself, I suppose I could benefit from such activity as well. Who knows, maybe I will be disciplined enough to document my posts with scholarly and other resources to stake any claims I make. Originally, I thought about doing this anonymously, and I may indeed do so in the future, depending on how God's will unfolds in my life. However, for the present, I thought, why not just be honest about my ideas, philosophies, and opinions, and take credit for them? I do not mean this in a prideful sense, but more in the respect of standing up for what one believes in. With all that said, I would declare that the basic purpose of this blog is for me to explore and continually form my worldview, ideas, and philosophies, interacting with you (my friends and readers) in the process. After all, you guys form a good community to be a part of, in my ever so humble opinion. May this journey be a truly profitable one. I've no doubt it will be.


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